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Company ESGO GmbH i.L.: only limited last quantities available

S-IR 4/1 thermal overload relay

ESGO GmbH i.L. Energietechnik und Schaltgeräte Oppach, a small company in Germany, had a long tradition.

Towards the end of the 1930s SIEMENS brought electric component production to Eastern Saxony.

The Company worked under the names of VEB ESGO and Schaltelektronik Oppach

SEO-SOLAR Sonnenenergie Oppach GmbH purchased the Company in the year 1993 to produce solar modules.

ESGO GmbH Energietechnik und Schaltgeräte Oppach continued the manufacturing of low-voltage components till August 2020.
Last deliveries in september 2020.

Detailed technical informations (only in german) please download at

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