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Company ESGO GmbH offers the following products:

S-IR 4/1 thermal overload relay

ESGO GmbH Energietechnik und Schaltgeräte Oppach, a smal company in East Saxony/Germany, has a long tradition.


Towards the end of the 1930s SIEMENS brought electric component production to the Oberlausitz/Eastern Saxony.
The Siemens plant in Oppach developed and manufactured from that time on thermal overload relays and contactors in the low-voltage range upto 660 V.
After WWII more than 600 workers resumed to produce products of low voltage under the name IKA.
The Company worked under the names of VEB ESGO until 1954 and Kombinat Schaltelektronik Oppach till 1978. During the subsequent years a completely new generation of air break contactors and thermal relays were developed, produced and marketed successfully. The company VEB Schaltelektronik Oppach was integrated in 1979 into the EAW Electric apparatus plant Berlin Treptow.
After the fall of the Iron Curtain Schaltelektronik GmbH Oppach became the new name of the Company. Within the scope of privatisation, SEO-SOLAR Sonnenenergie Oppach GmbH purchased the Company in the year 1993 to produce solar modules and other products in the Photovoltaic field besides the low voltage components.
ESGO GmbH Energietechnik und Schaltgeräte Oppach, a newly founded company,  took over the business of low-voltage components in 2000.
Now ESGO GmbH continues in the sixteenth year the long-standing tradition in the area of the low-voltage technology in the location of Oppach successfully and has added  systems of regenerative energy technology products e.g. solar outdoor lamps SAL to its fields of activity.
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